Jennifer and Doug

Jennifer and Doug

Married: 12 years

Children: 2 Adopted Boys

Live: Missouri

Pets: Mini Horses, Dogs, Cats


Ancestry: Caucasian

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Accountant

Education: Bachelors

Hobbies: Watching and playing sports, hiking, outdoor activities.


Ancestry: Caucasian

Religion: Christian Based Foundation

Occupation: Computer Programer

Education: Bachelor Degree

Hobbies: Sports, Camping Fishing hiking canoeing being with Family and Friends.

Looking to Adopt

Preferred Ethnicity:

Preferred Gender: Girl

Would Consider: Open to some Drug exposure. Will consider on a case by case basis. Smoker is ok. Limited prenatal care is also ok.

Open or Closed Adoption: Either we are open.

Our Letter

Our Hopes and Dreams… We met 15 years ago and knew we were right for each other from the very beginning. We couldn’t wait to someday have the family we had always dreamed about. After several pregnancies, we came to realize that I was unable to carry a baby to full term. After shedding many tears and having doubt that we would ever get to be parents, we be-gan looking into adoption. We have family who was adopted so it was a simple choice. After our first adopted son was placed in our arms, our dreams finally became a reality. Having adopted two children, we know it’s the only path we will take to grow our family. We are a financially stable, happy, loving and non-judgmental couple. Doug is a big kid at heart and loves spending all of his time playing with the kids. I am loving and nurturing and believe there is no greater reward than parenting. We are fortunate to have good jobs and have been able to save as we went along. We built our home and love where we live. Our children will have a safe, stable and secure home to grow up in. We enjoy every day with our kids and are so excited to expand our family one final time! We count each day as a blessing and know how important it is to just let them be kids. It seems strange that you can actually miss your kids when they go to bed, but we do. We look forward to every day. We will give our children a lifetime of unconditional love, support, guidance, teach good morals and values, and create a ton of happy memories!

Our Gallery

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