Nikki and Mike/Matched !!

Nikki and Mike/Matched !!

State: Missouri

Children: None


Married: 4 Years

Pets: Cat

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Ancestry: Caucasian

Religion: christian

Occupation: Interior Design

Education: College

Hobbies: Movies, Travel, Party Planning, Spending time with Family and friends


Ancestry: Caucasian

Religion: Christian Based Foundation

Occupation: Cyber Security

Education: Degree in Finance

Hobbies: Travel, Playing Jazz music, wake boarding, snow skiing, scuba diving just to name a few

Looking to Adopt

Preferred Ethnicity:

Preferred Gender: Any Gender

Would Consider:

Open or Closed Adoption: both

Our Letter

To Someone Special

Thank you for choosing life for your precious child and giving us an opportunity to give you a glimpse into who we are as a couple, and tell you a little bit about us. We think you are an amazing person. You may be the incredible, selfless person who assists us in completing our family, fulfills our dreams and changes our lives forever. And if you are, we cannot begin to express our gratitude and appreciation.


Mike & Nikki

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