Seeking Couple for Bi Racial Baby/MATCHED

Situation Name LI-AR Date Created 1/23/17
Age: 25 Gender: unknown -13 weeks along
Ethnicity: Caucasian Due Date: 7/26/17
Other Children: yes 7 year old son Marital Status: Single
Drugs or Alcohol: Yes Marijuana/Cocaine Early on in Pregnancy Smoker: yes
Medical Coverage: Yes Medicaid Prenatal Care: Yes
Medical Records: Yes Ultrasound Photo: yes
Description (Mother):

Birthmother is a healthy Caucasian women age 25.

5’7 160lbs Blue eyes Auburn hair. She is Christian. She wants Pictures and updates after placement.

Does smoke 8 cigarettes a day but states she has stopped any controlled substance for the continued future.


Description (Father):

Birthfather is African American, Age 26 is married. He is not named and she says he is not involved.

Birthfather is 6’1 220lbs Brown eyes and Black hair. No other information available at this time.

Birthmother is Seeking a Mixed race couple or African American couple , and will only consider a Caucasian couple with African American children or Mixed race children. She will not place this child in a All Caucasian home.

to adopt her child due in July 26th 2017.

Baby will be born in Arkansas, Gender unknown. Birthfather is Married and not named.

Family is supportive of her decision. Birthmother has a 7 year old son that resides with Grandmother.

Birthmother admits to early use of cocaine and marijuana but denies any further use once pregnancy was confirmed .

We have background information pictures and necessary documentation. IF you fit the criteria of this birthmother

and are interested in more information with regards to fees and all other information please call our office and you can submit your PDF profile for consideration. All profiles will be submitted fee of charge to Birthmother for her consideration.     — Office 888-637-8200



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