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Tips for Handling an Unplanned Pregnancy

Despite your best precautions, an unplanned pregnancy can become a reality for you. It is not a time for despair as there are options available. The team at Unique Adoptions will provide some tips in this blog post for handling such a situation.

The first thing you need to do is look after yourself. Facing an unplanned pregnancy is a stressful situation, regardless of your age, family situation, or relationship status. There are three options open to you: raising the child, adoption, or termination.

Acknowledge how you feel. You will likely have strong emotions and suppressing them will not help. Process the way you feel before making any decisions.

When you make those decisions, it is best to do so with the support of friends and family and organizations that provide adoption services for birthmothers if you choose to go that route. Talk about the changes that will happen in your life regardless of which path you choose. This includes physical, emotional, and financial.

Look at the entire picture. Consider where you are in your life and if you can grow your family. If not, remember that adoption is a choice you have available.  Should you wish to discuss it further, please reach out to us at Unique Adoptions.