5 Practical Tips for Healthy Open Adoption Relationships

Open Adoption Parents and BirthmotherThe key to a positive adoption experience is what’s best for the child. With that in mind, at Unique Adoptions, we would like to tell you that open adoptions have been shown by research to be beneficial for the child.


These types of adoptions are now the norm in the US, with interactions between the birth family and adoptive family ranging from in-person visits to an exchange of photos and letters through a third-party. We are going to provide five tips here that will help you navigate the waters of open adoptions.


  1. Keep the child front and center because they are the entire reason you’re doing this.


  1. Take advantage of resources, such as education and counseling. It will help you calm any fears you may have about keeping the birth family as part of your child’s life.


  1. Discuss with the birth family what level of openness you want and what they want. An adoption facilitator can help you with these discussions so you can find common ground.


  1. Strive to create a healthy, respectful relationship with the birth family.


  1. Look for assistance and support when you need it to handle conflicts or feelings of anger toward the birth family.


This is an unusual experience for everyone involved, but with patience and professional support, you can make your way through it successfully.