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patriceI would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am the Owner and Founder of Unique Adoptions Inc. I am also and adoptive parent of two beautiful girls, and have one biological son who is now 24. I just recently remarried in November 2007 and am now a step mother to a wonderful son who is 15. Although our family is complete, I look forward and enjoy helping other families complete their families through adoption. We also used an Adoption Facilitator to help with our adoption process.

I have been a certified Travel Consultant for seventeen (17) years, and have been very successful in linking the travel industry to my Adoption Service. I have been involved in adoption for several years, and have done much research into the process of Facilitating Adoptions.

I was raised in a very large religious family, with tons of nieces and nephews and grandchildren. I am very active in our church and donate my time to Outreach Groups and Teen Pregnancy Awareness Programs.

My goal is to be able to bring families together – to help in the process of building strong and loving homes for the many children in need of adoption. I believe every child deserves a place to call home, no matter what race, religion or special need that child may have.

Our personal and professional attention to your special adoption needs. Unlike larger adoption agencies that handle large quantities of families, Unique Adoptions works with a select group of adoptive families to ensure that each receives the special care and attention needed for a Successful Adoption.

First Hand Experience

Founded in 1997 by Patrice Hill , an experienced adoption facilitator and mother of two adopted daughters, Unique Adoptions offers a small, friendly and experienced staff of adoption experts to assist you with all your needs. Our full range of services includes: Assistance with adoptive parent resume writing, sample “Dear Birth Mother” letters, financial assistance, information on adoption insurance, travel arrangements, and referrals for counseling and legal services.


Caroline and I would like to thank each of you form the bottom of our hearts. When we first started our adoption journey, we didn’t know what to expect or how long we would have to wait. We submitted our application for Sister Delora at the beginning of October and in just 2 months we were matched through Unique Adoptions. She was 7 months along! We had about a month and a half to get ready. It was truly a whirlwind. Each one of you played a huge role in helping us navigate the process. Words cannot express how much we love our daughter and how grateful we are for you all. You all have brought us so much joy by bring us together with our sweet Emily. She is truly a blessing. I have attached a couple pictures for your enjoyment. As you will see, she is absolutely beautiful.

Thanks again, we would not be a family without each of you!

Kevin & Caroline Strange

Kevin & Caroline Strange

Thank you for all your guidance during this adoption. All your well wishes are much appreciated. This is truly a joyful time…

Marianne and Jill

Patrice Hill and her associates facilitated an adoption for us in May of 2010. I found them to be extremely professional and caring. They went above and beyond for our birth mother and for us; taking her to get an ultrasound, to buy vitamins and groceries, counseling her, going to visit her, arranging for a hotel, and assisting with financial management. I would highly recommend Patrice Hill and Unique Adoptions. Thanks for all your help.


A Few Words…

Unique Adoptions, Inc. is a full-service adoption facilitator offering services for a wide range of unplanned pregnancy adoptions and domestic child adoptions. We work hand-in-hand with licensed adoption agencies around the world to facilitate – and speed up -the adoption process.

Unique Adoptions provides personalized attention and service to both adoptive clients and birth mothers. Indeed, we operate a special “Birthmom Hotline” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that enables us to your top adoption facilitator. Our highly trained staff of adoption facilitators are at the birthmom’s disposal day and night offering counseling, support and assistance with your ongoing adoption process needs. For our adoptive clients, we offer full service and support during normal business hours.

Because we want to provide our clients and birthparents with the very best in service, we limit the number of adoptive clients we work with to ensure your adoption process is successful and expedient.

As fully bonded adoption facilitators operating in the State of California, Unique Adoptions is engaged solely in the profession of adoption facilitation. According to the State of California, Family Code, adoption facilitators may advertise for the purpose of soliciting parties to an adoption or locating children for an adoption, and may act as an intermediary between the parties to an adoption.”Adoption facilitation for birth mothers and prospective parents is a private service and is not subject to licensing by the State of California.

Unique Adoptions is nationally recognized and our advertisements can be found in a variety of publications including nationwide yellow pages, church bulletins, national and regional magazines, attorney offices, outreach groups and more.

Unique Adoptions Inc. has a small staff that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take calls from birthmothers and from prospective adoptive clients. We have many toll-free lines that are always open to assist everyone at all times. Unique Adoptions Inc. also has a travel program to assist with travel arrangements and it is available to our clients as well as to our birthmothers.

Unique Adoptions Inc. is a private service. Private services are not required by law to be licensed by the State, however Unique Adoptions Inc. is bonded by the State requirements.

Unique adoptions is an Approved and Registered Adoption Facilitator with the State of California. For information you can go to CA.gov for complete information.

Contact us today to find out more about Unique Adoptions and our unplanned pregnancy options today!

Our Fantastic  Team

Our professional staff is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you with any situation that arises during your pregnancy. We have over 17 years’ experience working with birthmothers. We will listen to you and make you our top priority.


Patrice Hill

Certified Adoption Consultant - President

Sheri Bair

Birthmother intake consultant

Kristen Cummings

Birthmother After hours consultant
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