Our Nationwide Adoption Facitator Helps Create Families

mother and daughter cookingI would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am the Owner and Founder of Unique Adoptions Inc. I am also an adoptive parent of two beautiful girls, and I have one biological son who is now 24. I remarried in November 2007, and I am now a stepmother to a wonderful son who is 15. Although our family is complete, I look forward to, and enjoy, helping others complete their families through adoption. We also used an Adoption Facilitator to help with our adoption process.

I have been a certified Travel Consultant for seventeen years, and I have been very successful in linking the travel industry to my Adoption Facilitating Service. I have been involved in adoption for many years, and I have done much research into the process of Facilitating Adoptions.

I was raised in a very large, religious family, with tons of nieces and nephews and grandchildren. I am very active in our church and donate my time to Outreach Groups and Teen Pregnancy Awareness Programs.

My goal is to be able to bring families together – to help in the process of building strong and loving homes for the many children in need of adoption. I believe every child deserves a place to call home, no matter what race, religion, or special needs that child may have.

We apply our personal and professional attention to your special adoption needs. Unlike larger adoption agencies that handle large quantities of families, Unique Adoptions works with a select group of adoptive families to ensure that each receives the special care and attention needed for a Successful Adoption.