Four Tried and True Tips for a Smooth Transition Home with Adopted Kids

Adoption FamilyIt is often true that the first few months with newly adopted children can be a challenge for both the child and the family as a whole. For those considering adoption, this can be the largest initial concern. Take heart. There are several tips for easing the transition to your home for newly adopted older children.


If you are considering adoption, here are a few tips to consider, which may help ease your worries about the transition process when adopting an older child.


Take it Slow

Taking it slow can be tricky with international adoptions, but try to slow down wherever possible. Start visitations in the child’s foster home or orphanage, and then move visitations to a neutral space, such as a park. Spend time getting to know your new child. Finally, move visitations to your home.


Ask Questions About Her or His Past

If you’re considering adoption, what questions would you want to know about your potential new child? Read the child’s complete file; not just the summary. Obtain as much information as possible on the child’s past life. Learn as much as you can.


Do Some Investigation

Talk with the orphanage or the foster family and ask questions about routines, likes, dislikes, etc. If you are traveling abroad to pick up your child, consider stocking up on her favorite food to bring home.


Be Flexible

Set your expectations very low concerning the first couple of months. A great day is just one where everyone gets fed and survives. Things will improve as everyone settles in and acclimates.