What to Expect During Your Adoption Home Study

Adoption Home StudyThe home study is a part of the adoption process that may seem overwhelming for some. Many feel uncomfortable with a stranger coming into their home and assessing their potential to successfully raise a child. The home study is slightly different from what most people think, but it is completely normal to feel a little anxious. It’s a good idea to ask detailed questions to your adoption facilitator, but here is a general idea of the process, so you can know what to expect:


Gathering Materials


An adoption facilitator or social worker will ask you to collect various documents, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses. The purpose here is to ensure the potential adoptive parent or parents are who they claim to be. Health and financial records are also examined for validity.


Interviews With Members of the Household


Each member of the household in which the child would be living will be interviewed. The goal here isnt to scare anyone but to learn about the dynamics within the household. This step may seem daunting, but an adoption facilitator will explain that it is simply due diligence to ensure that your household is a good fit for a potential child.


Home Visits With Social Workers


A social worker will visit a potential home at least once. They will not inspect every inch of a home; they are merely ensuring the space is suitable for a child.


Background Checks 


Typically, the documents collected earlier in the process are used to verify the potential adoptive parents’ backgrounds. Adoption facilitators help explain that this to ensure there are no prior domestic violence charges or child abuse reports.


Character References


One of the last steps of the process is collecting character references. A social worker will go through the friends and family of potential adoptive parents to take character references and get a better idea of who they are.