We are Blessed Thanks to Unique Adoptions and Patrice Hill

From the moment I called Unique Adoptions, we were so surprised at the amount of time and information Patrice provided to us with regards to deciding to enter into our second adoption.  Since My husband Joel and I are in our early 50’s and felt we were a little late to the game, Patrice made us feel comfortable that the situation were were inquiring about would be a perfect fit for our family.

I can’t thank Unique Adoptions enough for all the time and information they provided to us. The Agency in Texas was excellent and went above and beyond for our family. I can not believe that on October 18th 2016 we were blessed with a Beautiful baby boy ( we call him Charlie)

Our Family is complete now thanks to the excellent staff an Unique Adoptions and the amazing women who chose life for her son.

Mary and Joel Benson

Missouri 3849

Big thanks to Unique Adoptions Inc

Well my water broke at the bank 😳😳😂😂 and I was just laughing on the phone with auntie Laura 😂😂 and everyone was just looking at me like are you ok!!

The Parks are wonderful people and i just love their support motivation that they give me.The love that they give me and Zy is wonderful like the parents I wish I had but most of all im glad we have the relationship we have grown these last few months. So I owe a big thanks to you Patrice and the agencies for introducing us. Not only did I help them grow their family they add to ours😃😃. I had a wonderful experience.

This was the greatest choice I could have made. image1-3

Yess little peanut ( thats the nickname auntie laura came up with lol) but we love it 😍 He was 7lbs 11oz and 20inches He so adorable heres a few pic I took..

Thank you again Unique Adoptions

Joyful time

Thank you for all your guidance during this adoption. All your well wishes are much appreciated. This is truly a joyful time…

Marianne and Jill

They went above and beyond

Patrice Hill and her associates facilitated an adoption for us in May of 2010. I found them to be extremely professional and caring. They went above and beyond for our birth mother and for us; taking her to get an ultrasound, to buy vitamins and groceries, counseling her, going to visit her, arranging for a hotel, and assisting with financial management. I would highly recommend Patrice Hill and Unique Adoptions. Thanks for all your help.


Thank you for making our dreams come true

Dear Patrice, we want to thank you and your staff for all of your hard work and dedication in helping build our family. Since the day we were married, we had spoken of welcoming a child into our family through the process of adoption. After suffering through infertility for six years, we decided no other time was right. We contacted a local adoption agency who referred us to your agency, Unique Adoptions. After speaking with us, you set out to find us the perfect match for our family. It was a difficult path, one filled with much emotion and heartbreak. However, you encouraged us to continue with the process, and we are so glad that you did. In September of 2010, we finalized the adoption of our beautiful baby girl. We are so blessed to have her in our life, she brings us joy everyday. We want to thank you and your staff so much for making our dreams come true.

Frank and Maria

We count our blessings every day

Dear Patrice and Unique Adoptions – After 3 years and 3 failed situations we found you by chance, and shortly after matching through you we found out that the birth mother who had selected us had changed her mind. It was another devastating loss. Thankfully, you continued to work to find the right situation for us. It may have taken a year, but you found the perfect situation for us. We are honored to be able to write this letter of thanks to you. Without you, we would not have our son, Easton Andrew. We do know that we waited, and had failed situations, because it was not the right time and they were not the right situations for us. We count our blessings every day that we have this beautiful baby boy in our family. Thank you for finding our son for us, we are forever grateful.

Brian and Wendy


Hello Sister Dolora and Patrice: We can’t thank you both enough for the tremendous joy you’ve brought into our lives. Logan is such a sweet little guy, and big brother, Lane, thinks he’s pretty great…

Karen and Logan

Thank you

Our names are David and Lillian Scott, we just adopted a beautiful baby girl on March 16, 2007, through Unique Adoptions. Patrice, thank you for all your help.

David and Lilian

Amazing staff

To potential adoptive parents – Doug and I want to share our adoption experience with Unique Adoptions. After 5 years of fertility treatment and much prayer, we decided that our path to parenthood was meant to be through adoption. As an adoptee myself, I knew what an amazing gift adoption can be to all parties involved.
We were initially thinking International, but God intervened by re-connecting me with a high school friend whose best friend just happened to work for Unique Adoptions. Right away we felt at ease and confident that this was the right path. Everyone at Unique Adoptions was so friendly, helpful and direct that we truly felt we knew what we were getting into and that we would be blessed with a baby.
In less than six months from signing on with Unique Adoptions, our son, Casey, was born. His birth was extra special as he was born on my birthday! While the path to his adoption was not always easy (we first had a difficult birth mom situation that did not work out), David, Patrice and Terri were there for us every step of the way. We always felt informed and that we had an ally in the journey. When we were matched with Casey’s birth mom, it was night and day different and simply meant to be. We flew out to meet with her and her mom, toured the hospital and talked for hours. And less than six weeks later, Casey was born.
The staff at Unique was amazing and helped us enter this wonderful, life-changing world of parenthood. From connecting us with great attorneys in both states, to interacting with the birth mom and us, they were there for us every step of the way. We wholeheartedly recommend Unique Adoptions. If you want to talk with us about our experience, we would be more than happy to share.

Kelli, Doug and Casey


If you are looking for a personalized and supportive experience filled with honesty and communication then I would not hesitate to recommend Unique Adoptions…


We are so happy that we have chosen your facilitator organization

To Whom It May Concern: Patrice, I would like to take the time to personally thank yourself and Terri for all of your help that you have given Missy and I. With your help and the personal attention from Unique Adoptions, you have been able to match us with a beautiful daughter. We are so grateful for your facilitator service and truly understand that with a service such as Unique Adoptions, you are able to bring so much joy and happiness into our home and many other homes that endure the dream of adopting a child and providing for that very special gift of a child. Missy and I will forever be thankful to you and your organization. We are so happy that we have chosen your facilitator organization because you have worked hard for us and have the sources in so many states. In the future, if we should decide to adopt again or anyone that we are in contact with is considering adoption, Missy and I would truly recommend your services. There are a lot of other agencies out there but all they look at is, money scam and with Unique Adoptions they try and find the best home for an unwanted child that people who want to adopt can and know that Unique Adoptions will stand behind them forever.

Gregor and Melissa Gray

It was a very pleasant and rewarding experience

To Whom It May Concern: Our names are Marco arid Linda Banci, we just successfully adopted our son in January 2001, through Unique Adoptions, a facilitator in Wildomar, CA. We decided to use a facilitator to adopt instead of an agency because after years of infertility treatments we wanted a baby sooner then later. Agency adoptions have long lead times, long waiting lists (1-2 years), high standards for adoptive parents (IE. age, religion, material status), high fees (IE. license, home-study, application fees, transfer fees), clients have to do their own advertising and have the first contact with the birth mother.
We were very pleased with Unique Adoptions. We liked the short lead time (3-6 months); we got our son in 5 months. They did all the advertising and work needed to help the birth parents find adoptive parents for their child. So when we got matched up, we took over from there with phone calls and getting to know the birth parents. Unique Adoptions was there with help if and when needed. They really help and look out for the birth parents, they are their first priority.
The fees for a facilitator are a lot leas then an agency and they seem to do a lot more for you. We have and will continue to recommend them for ours was a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

Mario & Linda Banci

You make things happen

To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for the opportunity for “Heart to Heart” Adoption Services, Inc. to express our utmost appreciation of the services Unique Adoptions have provided our agency over the past six months.
In those six month they have helped to place five families with infants and have matched up two other families with expecting birth mom’s.
Our families and “Heart to Heart” think Unique Adoptions are absolutely a wonderful facilitator that does “MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. “Heart to Heart” has had great success with Unique Adoptions and hope to work with them in the future. Quite honestly they have been a great and wonderful resource for our agency and we love everything they helped us to accomplish – “Making Families.”
If you have any further questions, you may contact me at 814-855-4310.

Elaine R. Peachey, Coordinator

Unique Adoptions have blessed us

Dear Friends, after a miscarriage over ten years ago, my husband and I found ourselves searching for a way to have a baby. We went through all the testing, had numerous procedures and treatments, all to no avail. After the invitro failed, we decided that we should consider the possibility that we would not be able to have our own children. So, we began to look into adoption.
We did a tremendous amount of research, just as we had done with infertitility. We went to seminars on adoption in general and international adoption. We did searches on the internet and talked to many people. We finally came to the resolution that we would certainly be able to care for an adopted child like it was our own and knew that we wanted to move forward with a domestic adoption. The question was how to move forward, we had gotten a good referral for Unique Adoptions, and that is when it all started coming together.
I happened to be in California for a work related training class and realized I was within an hour or so from Unique Adoptions. I called and spoke to Patrice’s staff, got some helpful information and then begged to have Patrice meet me for dinner. She did, and when we met, it was like meeting an old friend. It is a wonder how either of us got any food into our mouths we both talked nonstop the entire time. I knew that she was the facilitator we should go with. She left me with the impression that she would not only take very good care of us since she had been through a lot of the same things, but that she was also very committed to the birth parents, which was very important to us.
I went home and my husband and I filled out the paperwork and got signed up with her immediately. We got our profile completed and waiting anxiously for a match. Our match came several months later and worked out beautifully. As I type this letter, I continuously look over at our beautiful daughter and I know that I will never be able to repay Patrice and her staff for their support and hard work. We needed their shoulders to cry on when we had doubts and we needed them to rejoice with us when our prayers were answered. I highly recommend anyone considering adoption to look closely at Unique Adoptions. They truly have blessed us and we will never forget them.

The Burkett Family

Thank you, Unique Adoptions

Fellow Adoptive Parents, we want you to know about our experience with Unique Adoptions. After 4 years of infertility treatment we decided to pursue adoption. With limited resources we initially pursued adoption through the county in which we live. Two failed county adoptions led us to Unique Adoptions and Patrice. We contracted Unique Adoptions at the end of November 2001. After less then 6 months of waiting, a birthmother chose us to adopt her child.
Our daughter Hannah was born on June 10, 2002. Unique Adoptions has the resources to make your dreams of adopting a child come true. Patrice and her highly trained staff made our adoption process a pleasure. They made sure we had the information we needed to make our adoption successful. We strongly endorse Unique Adoptions and have already sent several of our friends and family members to Patrice so their adoption dreams can come true, too. We would love to talk with you.

Brian and Becky

There is a reason for everything

Our names are Bill and Lisa, we recently adopted our son in October of 2003 through the wonderful help of Unique Adoptions. Prior to going with Unique we were with a local agency for over a year, with no luck. My instincts were telling me to follow up with Unique and the benefits of using a facilitator. Patrice was extremely helpful in our decision and was probably tired of me emailing her all the time! Agency adoptions can be lengthy in time and the waiting lists can be discouraging. Patrice assured us that they only work with so many couples and said that we would surely be proud parents within 6 months. This was our second adoption and we were very hesitant due to the problems we had encountered with our first adoption.
What caught our attention to Unique was the short lead time and the personal attention we would receive from Patrice and her staff. I would call Patrice weekly to see if a birthmother had selected our profile and she would patiently email me back with feedback. The level of attention she gives to her clients is above and beyond what you would find at an agency. When you call Unique you actually talk to a person, not a voice mail and my calls were always returned in a timely manner. I can recall to this day, getting a call from Patrice saying ” A birthmother selected you . We were elated and scared at the same time. Patrice gave us all the information she had received from the birthmother and assured us if it was meant to be it will work out. She felt confident that this was a perfect match and I can tell you it was perfect. I touched base weekly with the birthmother and we grew close.
This all happened within a few months and to be honest, I truly didn’t think it would happen that fast. Patrice gave us all the information we needed to follow through with the adoption process and even gave us ideas and tips on flights, hotels and contacts. You can read all the books about adoption but no one tells you what do you once your selected. What do you say to the birthmother? Will the birthmother like us? What do you take on the plane? Do you need a car seat for the infant? Can you travel with a newborn? All these questions Patrice helped us with. Patrice and her staff recommended a hospital for the birthmother that was adoption friendly and an attorney that she had worked with in the past to assist us in Texas. It was amazing. We were there for our son’s birth and we kept in touch with Patrice.
Finally, the last piece of the puzzle was finished and we were blessed with our son! All this within 6 months! Patrice is very committed to the birthparents’ wants and needs. Finding a match is no easy job. Creating a match takes time and patience. It’s not like buying a new car . You can’t pick the color or style. Sometimes, it doesn’t go as fast as we like and sometimes the matches don’t work out. I do believe there is a reason for everything. I had a good feeling with this situation and new in my heart it was meant to be. Our son was born October 16, 2003 .Our adoption journey has now come to a close. What once was a family of three is now complete with two new little feet. This adoption went without a hitch! I must say not all adoptions go smoothly but with the right resources and knowledge from the staff we literally had no problems. Without Unique, our adoption dream would not have come true. My only regret is not contacting Unique sooner. I would highly recommend Unique Adoptions to anyone wanting a child. If you’re considering using Unique and wish to talk to us we’d be more than happy to share our story with you.

Bill and Lisa

Thank you

Patrice, it feels as if words cannot adequately express our gratitude and appreciation for all that you and your organization did to bring Levi into our family through adoption. First, we want to tell you how thankful we are for the work that you do in encouraging and assisting birthmothers to make birth plan decisions, including adoption. This, in part, allowed us the opportunity to be considered and eventually chosen as an adoptive family. We recognize the fact that without Unique Adoptions, this opportunity would not have been a reality for us and Levi may not have been able to join our family. Our adoption journey was frightening, at times, and was full of ever-changing emotions. During those times, we knew we could count on you to provide support and encouragement to our family as well as Levi’s birthmother which was of the utmost importance to us, as well. Your genuine care and concern for all involved in the process was obvious to us. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you, Patrice, David and the rest of the team at Unique Adoptions, for being the hands and feet of Jesus while assisting us in adding such a precious bundle of joy to our family.

Louis, Karla & Family

Unique, indeed

To whom it may concern: I recently placed my newborn daughter for adoption with a couple in Texas I met through Patrice Hill… founder of Unique Adoptions . Knowing virtually nothing about the adoption process, combined with the fear and anxiety caused by the difficult position I found myself in, I’m extremely grateful to Patrice and her staff for all the time and effort spent on my behalf.
I located Unique Adoptions’ phone number in the yellow pages after having called five other agencies/attorneys within the prior two week period, reaching either no answer or a machine for which I never received a return call. I was relieved to finally find a live body on the other end of the line and Patrice took care of me, providing safety and comfort on both a physical and emotional level from the time immediately following my first call until after my baby was born five months later. She spent countless hours holding both my and the adoptive mother’s hands, transporting me and my storage unit contents, as well as ensuring I had everything I needed on a monthly basis, including weekly trips to the grocery store.
One can’t put a price on this security blanket. A difficult situation in any event, but one made much easier by this agency and its coordinator. Unique, indeed.

Misty Tierney

Patrice was there for us through it all

Dear Patrice – We had started the adoption process through a local adoption agency and were prepared to wait some time before being blessed with a baby in our home. Then one day, we were referred to Unique Adoptions through our original adoption agency and we were told an opening was available if we were interested.
After reading through the paperwork Unique Adoptions provided, we were so excited and hopeful and thought “We have to sign up with them!” I was particularly drawn to the fact that Unique Adoptions only works with a limited amount of families at a time so we could be sure Patrice and her team could really devote some serious one on one attention to us and our case. Also, when I saw the reference list and how soon previous families had children placed in their homes, I couldn’t believe it. I said to my husband “We could be parents in less than a year! No more than 2 years at the most it looks like!.”
We agreed to sign on with Unique Adoptions still not seriously believing how soon we could be parents. Well, in only 7 months Megan joined our family and she is the best thing to ever happen to us. She wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Patrice, David, and the rest of the team at Unique Adoptions. The time and effort they spent with us was amazing. Patrice made us feel like we were the only ones she was working with and of course we knew we weren’t.
Believe me, we went through a lot before Megan came into our lives and Patrice was there for us through it all. The good and the bad …She worked so hard for us, we will never forget what she did for us. She was our cheerleader and she got our profiles sent out to birth mothers and we were picked by the first one she sent our profile to! We had a great relationship with Megan’s birth mother and the experience was truly a happy, emotional, fulfilling one.
I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to adopt a child to consider Unique Adoptions. I wholeheartedly believe if it weren’t for them, we would still be waiting and waiting for a child. We just can’t believe how lucky we are to have Megan. She fits perfectly into our lives and we are so happy and I can’t say enough how I know if it weren’t for Patrice, Megan wouldn’t be here with us today.

Cathy McConnell

Miracles do happen

Dear adoptive parents – I am writing this letter to share with you the experience we had working with Unique Adoptions. My name is Vivienne and I met with Patrice Hill in early February of 2000. My husband David and I came to Patrice with a number of difficult situations. We were over 40, had two children already, wanted ONLY a girl, and were both very overweight. This coupled with the fact that I was (and still am) disabled and awaiting a much needed hip replacement surgery made us a very difficult couple to find a birth mom match for!
Patrice assured us that she would find us the match we were looking for.
By December, 2000, we had met with a few birth moms but nothing had gelled. They had either chosen a different couple or had changed their minds about placing their baby altogether. David and I became discouraged. I told Patrice that if we weren’t matched by the end of January, that we were going to throw in the towel. Patrice urged us to hold on and keep working with her. She said that “our” baby WAS out there and we just needed to keep the faith and keep looking.
In May of 2001, Unique Adoptions introduced us to a birth mom that was having a girl. She was the fourth birth mom that we had actually met with over a 16 month period. By this point, I had become convinced that even though Patrice was confident that she would find us a baby, we were simply not the model family and since the birth mom makes the selection, we were never going to be matched. However, when we met this birth mom, there was a chemistry between all of us that could not be denied. Our baby girl, Melissa, was born on August 16, 2001.
My message to any prospective adoptive parent is that the job of finding the perfect birth mom match for a couple is not like going to Wal-Mart and picking out a sweater. I truly had an image in my mind that was similar to this. These things sometimes take time. There were many times when I thought that Unique Adoptions was not really working our case. Other times when I knew that they were but was convinced that it was useless. In the end, neither thought was correct.
Adopting a baby is a very emotional process and when that match is finally found, it is magical. I have complete faith in Unique Adoptions. I believe that Patrice possesses a personal passion about finding babies for people that is unlike anything you will find elsewhere. If I were to attempt to adopt another baby, I would look nowhere else. These people are the best. But just remember . . . . . . sometimes miracles take time.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Dear Patrice – Dave and I want to thank you and your staff from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work and effort you put into our adoption process. It honestly could not have been a more perfect match. Being parents is more rewarding then either of us ever thought it would be. In light of the somewhat difficult path it took to get here, we thank Unique Adoptions so very much for all they have done. We would not have James in our lives if it wasn’t for Unique Adoptions. Again, thank you so very much for all you did for us in helping us find our little bundle of joy.

Carol & Dave

Thank you for everything

Dear Patrice – I am not quite sure how to thank you for everything that you have done for me. You have given me the greatest gift someone could give. I would not have my little boy if it were not for you. He is the love of my life. There were definitely stressful times along the way but we got through them together. I felt comfortable knowing that you would somehow take care of any situation that arose. I had a few moments where I wanted to give up and you talked the sense back into me. When I decide it is time for Drayson to have a sibling the one thing I know for sure is that my first phone call will be to you. You can count on me to refer my friends and family who are interested in adopting to Unique Adoptions. Thank you for making my dream come true.

Sarah Lowensteinely

Our dream has come true

We don’t even know how to begin to thank you. After two failed adoptions with another adoption facilitator we didn’t think our dream to adopt and become parents would ever come true. That’s when we met you! This was our last chance to adopt and we were so nervous that it would turn out like the last two. You knew what we were going through and were able to help calm our fears and worries. You walked with us every step of the way. Thanks to you our dream has come true and we are parents to a beautiful baby boy! We want you to know we are so grateful for you and appreciate everything you did for us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Brittany and Dustin

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