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Tips to Prepare Children for the Adoption of a Sibling

Adoption of a SiblingWelcoming a new member to your family is always an exciting time. If you already have children, then it goes without saying that everyone will have to make some adjustments in their lives. Your adoption facilitator has provided a few tips that can be helpful as adoption day draws near.


First, Be Upfront with Your Children

One of the first things you will need to do is to tell your children about their new adopted sibling as soon as possible. This means being upfront about what is going on, and also talking about it frequently. Allow them to be excited about having a new brother or sister, and also take the time to listen to their feelings.


At the same time, it is also important for your children to prepare for the experience of having an adopted sibling. You should anticipate that your children will get questions from other children and adults about their mismatched family. Allow them to practice what to say in these situations. Doing so will reinforce your shared values as a family while upholding a sense of privacy.


Anticipate That There Will Be Growing Pains

If you are welcoming a toddler to your family and your children are about the same age, then you will need to anticipate that adjustment will be rocky. The new child might have had past experiences that forced them to compete for attention, and there will be times where such episodes are a distinct possibility.


In these cases, you need to assure your child that such behaviors are inappropriate for your home. Additionally, teach your child to foster an accepting environment for their new sibling. Assure your child that you are committed to sharing your love and attention.


Raising children can be challenging, especially when adopted siblings are entering the picture. However, being honest and straightforward can go a long way in easing this period of transition. Your adoption facilitator may also have more suggestions about working out relationships between children.