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A Birth Mother’s Support Group Can Help with Your Adoption Plan

One of the great lessons in life is learning that physically doing something is different from theorizing it. Think back to when you were a teenager and took your driving test. The written theory section covers essential points on safety and road laws, but it simply can’t compare to the actual driving exam. The same can be said for creating an adoption plan as an expectant mother.

Birth moms will be faced with many conflicting emotions and advice and may find a birth mother’s support group to be an invaluable resource. When it comes to writing an adoption plan, many women simply aren’t prepared for the realities and the barrage of feelings that come up. A birth mother’s support group is a safe sounding board for expressing and sharing your struggles and for receiving helpful guidance. Here are some of the feelings birth moms tend to experience when creating their adoption plans.

Sadness Adoption is a time of loss, even if it is for the most lovely and selfless reasons. A birth mother’s support group is an important outlet to express your sadness.

Excitement – Feelings of excitement are natural, and it does not mean that you’re feeling happy over placing your child for adoption.

AngerYou’ll likely have moments when you’ll feel angry, especially if the reasons for placing your child are outside your control. This is common, and so is feeling resentful or frustrated.

Guilt – Remember that you haven’t let anyone down. You’re doing something amazing: giving the gift of a child to parents who might not be able to have one of their own.