An Introduction to Unique Adoptions

Nationwide Adoption FacilitatorAdoption is a situation that brings families together with a focus on love and care. There are many individuals who are involved in making it a success, and if they can work through a single point of contact, then the process is made much easier.


That’s what we do at Unique Adoptions. We have a caring and respectful team that provides dependable and professional service to all parties involved. Our personal approach means we get to know everyone in the adoption and give them specialized and ongoing support throughout the process.


No one gets lost along the way in our services, as they might at large agencies. We are a nationwide adoption facilitator that lives up to the meaning of facilitate. We help bring about an outcome; in this case, a successful adoption. Our team works with birthmothers and adoptive parents to create new and happy families.


We have a great deal of experience in creating new families. Whether you are a birthmother looking for a loving home for your infant or a family looking to grow and share the love you have to give, we can help.


Our team is bonded in the State of California and has nationwide adoption facilitator skills that you can call on to help you through an adoption anywhere in the country.