Steps for a Successful Adoption Process

Successful AdoptionWhen you set out on the adoption journey, it’s an exciting time as you wait to add a new member to your family. The steps along the way can’t be rushed, but the process is made smoother and easier to understand by working with an adoption facilitator like the team at Unique Adoptions.


Once you’ve decided the time is right for you to adopt a child, you need to consider what type of adoption is best for your family. Are you going to adopt an infant, adopt a child from foster care, or pursue an international adoption?


At Unique Adoptions, we are an adoption facilitator that provides service throughout the U.S., and we work hand-in-hand with licensed adoption agencies worldwide. We offer this blog post to give you an idea of the steps that are encountered along the way to adopting a child.


Once you’ve settled on the type of adoption that best suits you, it’s time to complete a home study, which includes paperwork, obtaining clearances, and in-person interviews. Then, you wait for a referral that matches you with a birthmother if that is the route you’ve chosen. If you adopt from foster care, you are in contact with the child during the process, but still, have to wait to go through the steps up to placement.


Once you welcome the newest addition to your family, go slowly, as the adjustment curve is a steep one. Slow and steady wins the race.